Taking a virtual approach to coaching

4th October 2018

The latest Coaching CPD session hosted by the East of England LGA at South Cambridgeshire Hall in Cambourne and facilitated by Michelle Lucas was certainly an eye opener – or to be more precise an “ear opener”!

Michelle was an engaging facilitator who was very well received by the delegates; quickly putting everyone more at their ease with the thought of using non-face to face coaching as an effective alternative to a more traditional face-to-face style.

The session was designed to help delegates realise how much more is actually available in a client’s voice than we first realise. Participants were invited to do some practical exercises that helped focus attention to the client’s voice, to their choice of language and to their silences in a way which we normally don’t have the capacity to notice when they are physically present. There was time for general questions and to consider how the learning from the workshop could also be applied in day to day business phone and virtual conversations.

Delegates commented that “this was a really interesting and practical course which gives a working insight into telephone coaching”, and that they had learned that “silence may after all be golden”. All of the delegates enjoyed the session with more than 90% agreeing they would recommend this session to a colleague, and several suggesting that a longer session would be even more productive.

If you attended this session, and would like to offer the opportunity to run a similar session in-house to your internal pool of coaches, or your workforce, please contact hilary.jarrett-firat@eelga.gov.uk

The East of England LGA offers a range of Coaching CPD sessions throughout the year, alongside coaching programmes and bespoke support, and we are always keen to hear your feedback, or areas of expertise you would like to find out more about.

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