Spotlight On Colin Taylor, Commercialisation and Procurement Specialist

16th December 2019

Spotlight On Colin Taylor, Commercialisation and Procurement Specialist

“I like helping organisations transition from theory to practice, from strategy to operation, bringing Councils vision and aspirations into reality.”

Colin Taylor is an experienced interim manager and consultant with a track record of successfully supporting local authorities as they develop their commercial potential.

Recently, Colin has been working with an urban Borough Council in the East of England to support the development of their in-house commercial capabilities. The challenge they are facing is a familiar one – lots of ideas, many of them really good, but they lack the expertise, experience and time to evaluate each one properly and come up with a set of priorities. Working with the Council’s ‘Commercial Champions’ Colin has developed a structured way of bringing commercial ideas forward and accelerating them through the governance process.

In addition, Colin has also been supporting a large District Council who, having begun the process of forming a ‘commercial arm’, had stalled in the process. Colin has picked up the lead role and is working with all stakeholders (senior corporate managers, internal/external lawyers, heads of service) to define the right corporate structure for the Council. He has also produced a full (HM Treasury Five Case) business case for the first of a number of LATCOs. Colin’s hands-on experience of incorporating LATCOs and establishing the appropriate governance arrangements around them has proved to be invaluable and the Council is soon to begin holding LATCO Board meetings. Colin will be providing ongoing support to ensure that Members and Officers understand their responsibilities as company Directors and how this differs from the roles they occupy within the context of the Council.

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