Peterborough City Council supported to discover new income streams

6th September 2018

Peterborough City Council have been supported recently by the LGA’s “Productivity Expert” Programme to explore and discover new income streams from two existing services – Asteria, a data-matching application and Share Peterborough, an online sharing community. Colin Taylor, an associate from the East of England LGA’s Talent Bank, was appointed with the challenge to:

  1. explore ways in which Asteria could be extended and utilised for other internal services.
  2. evaluate the potential to commercialise Asteria as a product or service for sale to other councils and businesses.
  3. create a business plan, setting out all requirements to enable the commercialisation of Asteria, together with market analysis and resource planning.
  4. demonstrate the value of using data in an organisation.
  5. develop a business plan for Share Peterborough including market analysis and resource planning, to identify potential income streams which might ensure sustainability of the platform and fund future development.

A detailed business plan was produced for Asteria, with options for potential external commercialisation opportunities, such as providing a consultancy service, software as a service offering and direct software sale.

Similarly, a business plan was developed for Share Peterborough which investigated ways in which income could be generated without detracting from the core principles and the need to keep the platform free to use.

The process has made a valuable contribution to shaping the Council’s thinking around the use and potential for both systems moving forward. The impact of the commercial analysis in particular, helped to understand what was and wasn’t possible and or realistic.

Following a detailed competitor analysis and considering the financial/ resource plan required, the Council concluded that marketing Asteria wider would not be feasible in the manner that was first thought.  This proved very useful and helped them to focus on internal uses for the product.
With regard to Share Peterborough, the business plan highlighted a number of options which are still being explored as part of the Council’s “Circular Economy” Programme, including the potential diversification of the product.

Since the commencement of the programme, potential income of £3M over the next five years has been identified from the wider use of Asteria internally for Selective Licensing and checking eligibility for Single Person Discount.

A key outcome from the programme was to demonstrate the value of data internally and this has been successful.  However, Colin’s work has highlighted requirements and dependencies that had not been considered by the Council at the development stage. This will help them when developing new products and has also enabled a more commercial mindset which considers long term sustainability. Using the knowledge that the Council have gained from the Productivity Expert, they will continue to explore future strategies and opportunities for developing both systems.

The Council really valued the process, describing it as “incredibly valuable not only to understand how we might go about achieving future benefits from the products but also what consideration we should make when designing new products”.  The knowledge gained from Colin’s intervention also cannot be undervalued, the Council recognising it as “exceptionally useful to gain commercial insight from within a practical project, using real products”.

To find out more about the skills and capability of EELGA’s Talent Bank Associate, Colin Taylor, check out our web-site:

If you think that Colin could help you to achieve similar positive with your commercial challenges, then contact our Senior Manager, Eddie Gibson, for a further discussion – or call 01284 758310.

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