May all your conflicts be constructive!

9th May 2018

One of the biggest challenges facing line managers and supervisors these days is how to handle the inevitable conflict that comes with constant change. In all environments including Local Government the pace of change has never been higher with many colleagues and teams spending more of their time in the conflict zone. Conflict can generate innovation, creativity and, if well managed, can strengthen individual and team relationships. On the other hand we all know individuals who have been living with unresolved conflict at work for considerable periods of time and are exhausted and distressed by the experience.

Over the last couple of years Milee Brambleby has been putting together a range of tools and techniques to help line managers manage conflict, confidently and effectively. On Tuesday 17th April a group of managers from authorities across the East of England joined Milee in a workshop to look at conflict management.  With Milee’s support they examined the sources of conflict in the workplace and looked at how conflict can grow, how cliques and tribes can form and how to intervene.  Delegates explored their own personal responses to conflict and how to manage them effectively.  The session also looked at how best to support other people through the conflict zone by listening and speaking with skill and focus.

There was great energy in the room and Mille stated that as a group they “probably laughed more than any of us expected to” but “we also covered serious issues that face everyone who has a position of authority”.

The feedback from the session was really excellent with delegates reporting that the workshop was “very engaging and upbeat“ and all who attended agreed they would use the tools and techniques introduced by Milee back in the workplace.  The learning helped individuals feel “more confident in conflict situations“

The Managing Conflict for Line Managers workshop is available through the East of England LGA Talent Bank and we are already engaging with a number of authorities who wish to run this workshop in-house.  If your authority is interested then please contact our Talent Bank Co-ordinator - Sebastian Reeves on 01284 758315.  


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