London Plan Examination in Public and engaging with the Wider South East

8th November 2018

Following the consultation on a draft London Plan, the Plan’s Examination in Public (EiP) will be conducted by a panel of inspections from 15 January until mid-May 2019.  Earlier this year, the East of England LGA coordinated a joint regional response which can be found on our website. The final ‘matters’ to be considered at the EIP are due to be published week commencing 5 November,  providing the East with an opportunity to submit written statements in advance of the EiP.

The East of England, through the Association's politically-led and cross-party Infrastructure and Growth Group and East of England Strategic Planning Officers Liaison Group (EE SSPOLG), is preparing its written statements and attendance at some of the EiP hearings.

At the recent Wider South East Political Steering Group held on 10 October 2018, political representatives from the East of England discussed the key points in the London Plan, as well as the need to work together with Sub-national Transport bodies and on tackling housing barriers. The next Wider South East Summit will be held on 11 January 2019.

For further information on this area of our work programme contact Kate O'Driscoll at

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