Local Authority Challenge is back!

4th July 2017

Local Government is facing a time of unprecedented change like never seen before. Councils are being forced to find  new ways to deliver more for less due to severe constraints  on funding.
There is a need to produce services that offer people greater choice and control over their daily lives and to engage actively with the public to develop them. Tackling these issues can only be done in conjunction with re-training and re-motivating your staff to cope with the challenges this presents.

Your workforce also needs to be able to adapt, not just to any immediate changes but to be flexible enough to continually adapt to any roles that may be required in the future.

The Local Authority Challenge is back! The East of England Local Authority Challenge, designed and delivered by Breckland Training Services (with support from the East of England Local Government Association) will once again the challenge will offer a rare opportunity for aspiring managers across local government to gain exposure to issues outside of their normal working lives and give them a taste of what senior management is like!

The challenge is open to teams of six people from any area of local authority work. Delegates will spend the day as the management team of a fictional local authority, encountering many of the tasks that a real corporate team would deal with.

They’ll have to work as a team, with neighbouring councils and with partner organisations to deliver a new strategy for the council. They’ll have to choose which areas to prioritise, deal with politically sensitive issues and still keep their focus on how to give the public the best services with limited resources.

The Challenge will take place on November 2nd, Burgess Hall, St Ives, Cambridge. 

For further information contact Breckland Training:

Email: info@breckland-training.co.uk Telephone: 01362 656282



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