Is Your Organisation Ready for a Returner? New Programmes to be Launched Shortly

11th February 2020

Is Your Organisation Ready for a Returner? New Programmes to be Launched Shortly

Many people need help and support to get them back into the workplace.  In areas where we have national, regional and local skills shortages, helping them is a win for the individuals, a win for the community and a win for local authorities and the service that we can offer.

That is why the LGA recently launched their Return to Social Work Programme and will be launching new programmes for Planning, IT and Legal at the beginning of March 2020, details of which will be sent out shortly.

The Return to Social Work programme offers free training to 200 former social workers so they can restart their careers in local government. Over a flexible period, they receive high quality training with:

  • Hands-on work placements
  • Comprehensive coaching and mentoring
  • Dedicated interview preparation
  • And all the skills they need to get back into work

Getting back into the profession after a period away can be tough. With the support this programme provides, returning social workers can regain the confidence, experience and knowledge they need to get back to making a real difference to people’s lives.

Returners are defined as people with existing work experience who have taken an extended career break for caring or other reasons and who are either economically inactive or now working in lower paid, temporary, part-time, home business or freelance roles.

So, is your authority returner ready?  If not, then the Government Equalities Office has issued guidance which might be helpful.

If you already have a returners programme that is working well in your authority, then please let us know by contacting

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