Hancock promotes adoption of Dutch model of care

8th November 2018

Speaking at the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) Conference in October, Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock promoted the Dutch model of care at home known as Buurtzorg.

The East of England LGA has been supporting the development of the Buurtzorg Model in the East of England, with inspired models being tested in West Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

The Minister encouraged delegates to “learn from the best, both nationally and around the world… to look at places where people have got this shift of resources right, and managed to rebalance the system between primary and community care on the one hand and secondary care on the other. Like Buurtzorg in the Netherlands.”

The Buurtzorg model grew from the vision of nurse Jos De Blok to tackle ongoing concerns in the provision of care, such as: the fragmentation of prevention, treatment, and care; the impact of demographic change; a shortage of care providers; lowering quality and increasing costs of care; and a lack information about the quality of outcomes in relation to the cost of care per client.
The key to the approach is that the model empowers individuals – in this case nurses – to deliver warp around care to the patients (both personal and health care).  They lead the assessment, planning and co-ordination of patient care.

The nurses work in self-managing teams in a small neighbourhoods, with strong links to the patient’s personal networks and the local community.  The self-organising approach means that support structure that sits behind these teams is small (in the Netherlands 11,000 nurses are supported by 15 coaches and a back office of 45). 

In the Netherlands it has led to:

  • Overhead costs of 8%, compared to a national average of 25% 
  • Lower staff turnover, lower sickness rates, high staff satisfaction
  • Lower costs of care per client, 40% less than national average
  • High patient satisfaction 
  • 30% fewer A&E visits for clients  

In his final point on this model of working the Secretary stated - “I want to see it grow.”

The full speech can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/primary-care-is-crucial-to-preventing-ill-health

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