Find your greatness with an apprenticeship – Meet Nicole Stimson

5th March 2018

In our latest “find your greatness with an apprenticeship” series, which celebrates National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2018, we hear from Nicole Stimson, who is a Web and Admin Apprentice, in the Communications Team at South Cambridgeshire Council.  Here she talks about her experience as an apprentice with the council, and being ‘highly commended’ at the Hunts Post Business Awards 2017.

“I have been working at South Cambridgeshire District Council for nearly 2 years now and am approaching the end of my second apprenticeship. I started to take my A levels but they weren’t for me, as I am not one for learning whilst listening to a teacher or reading a text book - therefore I started looking at apprenticeships. I was only 16 when I first started looking so I wasn’t ever sure about what I wanted to do but knew I wanted something to do with customers and communication, so this role sounded perfect.

“I thought the interview was going to be really scary and the questions were going to be difficult but they recognised that I was only young and hadn’t had a job so it wasn’t as challenging as I initially thought it would be.

“I have absolutely no regrets about doing an apprenticeship as I honestly feel like I have learnt more in these past 2 years of being an apprentice than I would have done if I had continued with my A levels because it is on the job training. I was very sceptical about being an apprentice because I thought I would get the rubbish jobs such as making tea or having to do all the filing but it is nothing like that - I am considered a member of staff with responsibilities and don’t feel like an apprentice at all.

“During my first year of being an apprentice I was nominated for ‘Apprentice of the Year’ at the Hunts Post Business Awards 2017 and was ‘Highly Commended’.  To be considered for this category the applicants needed to demonstrate how they have exceeded expectations, how the apprenticeship has shaped their career, personal life, confidence and self-esteem and any obstacles they have overcome.

Photo: Nicole Stimson and Stewart White pictured at the Hunts Post Business Awards 2017

“My assessor comes in monthly and is always on hand if I am stuck with something or need additional support. My line manager has access to the system I do my college work on so she can keep an eye on where I am and whether or not I am on track as well as having regular reviews with my assessor. The support you get from the organisation is amazing, they recognise your age and take good care of you as well as being on hand if you ever have any questions, need advice or support.”


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