Find your greatness with an apprenticeship – Meet Katie Bright

5th March 2018

In our latest “find your greatness with an apprenticeship” series, which celebrates National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2018, we hear from Katie Bright, who is a Health Improvement Officer at Braintree District Council.

Katie’s role gives her the opportunity to focus on improving the health of Braintree District residents through varied projects, while studying for her Level 4 apprenticeship in Business Administration and she has already secured support to undertake her Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship as her next step.

“I joined Braintree District Council in October 2015 when I was based here for the next year through a partnership with Active Essex to complete my level 3 Sports Development apprenticeship. I was offered the opportunity to stay at Braintree and become a Health Improvement Officer as an apprentice, studying a level 4.

“I applied for an apprenticeship role as I thought the idea of gaining work experience while being paid and gaining a qualification was brilliant. It was a chance to see if I enjoyed that sector of work as much as I thought I would, while also gaining a qualification that will help me in the future at the same time. I believe having experience within a role is crucial to progress further and to be more employable.

“Before my apprenticeship, I studied sport at my local college and then went on to working in retail which wasn’t what I aspired to do long term. My apprenticeship journey has now given me greater motivation and determination to succeed as I am involved in a job role I am interested in and am very thankful for all the opportunities it has opened up for me so far.

“I have found my experience of being an apprentice in local government very rewarding and valuable. It has provided countless opportunities and opened my eyes to the working world. Working in local government has also given me a better understanding of how everything works and I have always been given constant support within my role, personal development, and with completing my qualification.

“I think there are many benefits of an apprenticeship route; mainly that it is a great opportunity to gain worthwhile experience in a workplace, as well as gaining a useful qualification and getting paid. There are many different options for apprenticeships and the courses/levels you can study, meaning you can choose an apprenticeship that suits your interests and ability. For example, I am finishing my Level 4 qualification, which is equivalent to a foundation degree, but without the debts of university or the stress of trying to find experience. I also believe it will make me more employable afterwards and the contacts I make will be able to pass on their knowledge and advice to further my understanding.

“Other benefits also include the personal skills and the sense of achievement throughout. My apprenticeship has helped in many different ways - It has given me confidence, expanded my knowledge, and I enjoy making a difference in a subject I’m interested in.

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as it is a great opportunity to learn on the job and find out how certain industries work. This makes it easier to know what you enjoy and if it is a career you would like to focus on. It’s a great chance to gain a qualification with help from colleagues that are experienced in that job role and are keen to offer as many opportunities to you as they can. It has opened many career doors for me and I believe that apprenticeships would have a positive impact on any young person’s life.

“My role at Braintree District Council is now a Health Improvement apprentice while completing my Level 4 apprenticeship in Business Administration. This involves being a Public Health practitioner and continuing my Active Braintree role from my previous apprenticeship one day a week. All round I focus on improving the health of Braintree District residents through varied projects alongside our local health and wellbeing priorities, and aim to increase the amount of physically active people within the district, which links very well to my Public Health work.

“My advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship in local government would be to go for it. I would advise to work hard and get yourself a good reputation within the workplace. I believe those points are very important when aiming to progress within your career and to be offered further opportunities. I am very lucky and appreciative of the opportunities I have been offered since starting my first apprenticeship, and I don’t think I would have been considered if I didn’t constantly push myself and show enthusiasm.

“I would truly recommend apprenticeships in local government as from my experience it has opened numerous doors, provided relevant training courses, brought me in contact with very experienced and useful people and have been able to experience this with other apprentices going through the same journey. It has allowed me to progress and develop, I never would have thought applying for that first apprenticeship; I would now be going onto my third one studying a degree. If I never considered the apprenticeship route, I don’t know where I would be now, but probably not gaining the fulfilment I do through my role now or achieving and taking part in so many opportunities. 

“My future career aspirations are to continue in the health and wellbeing sector, working closely with public health and physical activity as they are both areas I am interested in and feel passionate about. My plans include working towards becoming a registered public health practitioner with the support offered and to use the qualifications that I have studied for.  My first step in this is that I have just secured a 4 year degree apprenticeship at Braintree District Council and will be studying Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship. This will give me the opportunity to keep developing myself, create opportunities to increase the good health in my area, and to promote the importance of this.  The degree will allow me to focus on relevant workplace projects - not only will I be working in an area I am passionate about, but be able to develop my management skills and support my organisation as well.”

John Krischock, Health & Wellbeing Programme Manager at Braintree District Council has supported Katie, adding: “Katie joined the Health and Wellbeing team after completing her NVQ level 3 in Sports Development. I saw that there was great potential in Katie and she has grown in leaps and bounds since joining us and is presently completing her NVQ Level 4 in Business Management. She is capable, hardworking and a great asset to the team and shows that she has a passion for what she does. Katie’s development and progress has proved to me that she is a suitable candidate to be enrolled into the Apprenticeship Degree scheme and for us to be able to assist in her further development is in itself rewarding.”


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