Find your greatness with an apprenticeship – Meet James Moore

8th March 2018

In our latest “find your greatness with an apprenticeship” series, which celebrates National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2018, we hear from James Moore, who began his career at North Norfolk District Council as a Business Administration Apprentice, splitting his apprenticeship between the HR team and the Accountancy team. He is now a full time Accountancy Assistant and his future aspirations are to continue with his accountancy qualifications.

“I joined the council in January 2016 as a Business Administration Assistant within the HR team at North Norfolk District Council.

“I was eager to gain the knowledge and experience needed to develop a career after having only recently stopped being in full time education. Local government provided a great opportunity for me to achieve this.

“After completing my A levels at Sheringham Sixth Form, I became a shop assistant with a small electronic goods store in my home town for a couple of months. Working there made me realise I was not ready to finish learning and I wanted to strive to gain more skills to become an asset to a larger organisation.

“My time at North Norfolk District Council has been a very fulfilling one. The nature of being in local government means everyone is working together to make the local community a better place, and anyone is always willing to help each other out to achieve a common goal. I have gained a much wider understanding of “the world of work”, after having very little before I joined.

“As an apprentice, not only will you be able to earn a salary, but you will have the opportunity to increase you knowledge on your area of work. Opening doors to other opportunities to better yourself and develop a career within an organisation.

“An apprenticeship gives you the unique chance to gain a wide variety of work experience within an organisation, not necessarily just directly in the role you can apply for. When I was working as an apprentice in the HR department at NNDC, after showing an interest, I then spent the second half of my apprenticeship working with the Accountancy department. From this, I have then gained a full time contract as an Accountancy Assistant with the team after my apprenticeship.

“Local government is the best place to be to carry out an apprenticeship. It provides many more career opportunities as they carry out multiple services for the public, including higher-level opportunities, for example in planning and environment health. Local government also has dedicated HR teams which prevent the mistreatment of younger workers, ensuring you receive a good wage, full holiday entitlement and proper structure training with a qualification at the end.

“In the future, I am hoping to be able to complete more accounting qualifications, to eventually gain a more senior role at NNDC.”

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