Find your greatness with an apprenticeship – Meet Millie Evans and Millie Hoffman

4th October 2018

In our latest “find your greatness with an apprenticeship” series, we hear from Millie Evans, who is an Accounts Receivable Administration Assistant (Apprentice) and Millie Hoffman, Community Safety and Communications Business & Administration Apprentice, both from Broxbourne Borough Council.

Millie Evans, Accounts Receivable Administration Assistant (Apprentice)

“I joined Broxbourne Borough Council on the 11 September 2017. I initially attended university in 2016 and shortly after decided that this route was not for me, which is what led me to apply for an apprenticeship as learning on the job and having a regular income is something that was much more appealing to me. Before becoming an apprentice and during my time as a student I worked in various hospitality and retail roles as I have always enjoyed working from a young age - meaning my CV is now filled with various roles from delivering the local newspaper to waitressing, etc.

“My experience of being an apprentice in local government has so far been very positive. I have found it extremely interesting and it has opened my eyes to the many different processes and departments involved. From my experience as an apprentice, I would agree that apprenticeships benefit individuals by teaching things and providing experience that is not available in schools or other education institutes. All apprenticeship experiences are also guaranteed to be unique, due to the mix of your role within the workplace and the apprenticeship course.

“My role within Broxbourne Borough Council is Accounts Receivable Admin Assistant. I feel as though I have largely developed in confidence since the beginning of my apprenticeship, not only within my position but also generally within my confidence to speak up and communicate with a variety of people.”

Millie Hoffman – Community Safety and Communications Business and Administration Apprentice

“In November 2017 I began my apprenticeship journey exploring local government in the Community Safety and Communications teams, and since being offered my position I have uncovered a world of career progression and opportunities.

“My previous job role was in retail - I knew it was an easy route to a not so rewarding future, although I learned valuable skills along the way. I also undertook some work experience in advertising and a travel agency. 

“My level 3 Business and Administration apprenticeship at Broxbourne Borough Council has made me realise that challenges and new experiences are a brilliant way to test the waters, and establish your career in a diverse organization, whilst understanding the roles within a governing body of a district.

“On reflection, the benefits of an apprenticeship are boundless. Having the chance to gain a qualification, alongside relevant work experience is more than fulfilling. Working within two completely different departments makes my apprenticeship interesting and provides me with knowledge from dissimilar angles, enabling me to progress really well with my coursework.

“The business sector has always been an interest of mine, but I never could choose which path I wanted to take. I believed doing this apprenticeship would fill out the time so I could think more about my future choices and job positions, and it has. It has completely changed my opinion on local government and shown me how many different paths you really can take within a local authority. Working with Community Safety, I have steered myself into discovering what other roles there are among the Police Force and other ways of protecting people in the community, as I have found working with the police far more interesting than I could have imagined.

“Being an apprentice has developed me into a confident, experienced and qualified young woman, with a proud certainty of a future occupation.”


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