Epaycheck Improvement for 2018 - A better way forward for subscribing authorities

14th February 2018

Here in the East of England we have 34 authorities subscribing to the ePayCheck the nation on-line pay benchmarking system. In response to a user survey we carried out last year, we are making some changes to streamline the system and drive the greatest value from the system.

Changes have been communicated to our epaycheck community, which take effect from 01 April 2018 and are summarised below:

The number of jobs benchmarked on Epaycheck will be restricted to a core list compromising of all Chief Officer jobs and 15 workforce job families. The revised job families are based on skills shortage areas, and those job families which are most frequently reported on via the system. 

The system will have additional quality assurance features to identify unusual data that has been entered in the system – automatic flags will appear on any data more than 25% outside the median value for the job.

Authorities will have an option to join a Family Group to be able to see organisation names when running data reports.

There will be additional support to help users get the most out of the reporting tool.

Benefits include: 

  • Reduced number of job families will lessen the burden on Member Super Users in authorities providing data.
  • Data can be easily maintained
  • Overall quality of the data in ePayCheck will improve.
  • More accurate reports can be run off the system, on the higher profile job families which subscribers most frequently search for allowing them to answer important questions on pay within minutes.

Our authorities here in the region are highly engaged with the epaycheck system and here at the East of England LGA we are looking forward to continuing our support to the system users in order to maintain both the integrity of data across the region and promote the value of the reporting functionality.

At a cost of £400 + VAT per year the system really does offer maximum output for minimum cost and offers a fast and productive way of producing pay data reports.  If you are not already a member of epaycheck and are interested in receiving more details about the epaycheck system and the many benefits you can derive from the service please contact:

Emma Moore on 01284 758326: emma.moore@eelga.gov.uk
Marie Stannard 01284 758326: marie.stannard@eelga.gov.uk

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