Environment Agency embraces commercialisation with help from East of England LGA

13th August 2018

Struggling to get staff in your organisation to understand service commercialisation?

Made some tentative steps forward but not sure where to go next with this agenda?

Got some willingness but lacking the tools or knowledge to make real progress?

Then you’re not alone and this story it seems is not just confined to local authorities.

After attending our Annual “Commercialisation Masterclass” in November 2017, Matthew Ryan from the Environment Agency’s “Waterways Partnerships & Development” team contacted us to explore whether the East of England LGA’s work in helping local authorities to develop their commercial services could be applied in their current situation.

After further discussion, Matthew and his colleagues concluded that our one-day workshop “Commercial Insights for Managers” was exactly the sort of thing they needed to create a common understanding across their senior team in order to explore ways of generating income from commercial activity.

Over the course of a one-day workshop with our Senior Manager, Eddie Gibson and an associate from EELGA’s “Talent Bank”, Gilli Galloway, 24 members of the EA’s team were taken through a varied agenda of group discussion, training and even game-play covering the key aspects of service commercialisation in the public sector – everything from finance and risk through to developing a value proposition, selling and entrepreneurialism.

Feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive, with Matthew commenting:

“We face many of the same challenges as other public sector organisations, and, like many of them, we’re exploring ways of generating income to go towards the services we provide local communities, such as amenities on our waterways.

“Many thanks for a great course – it sparked lots of discussion and planning which is still ongoing, so it’s done the trick!”

Another attendee at the workshop has also been in touch asking for further hands-on assistance with their business plan and the marketing of their commercial service. It does seem that when staff buy into this agenda, then they really do embrace it wholeheartedly.

Whether you’re at the early stages of service commercialisation like the EA or you already have some commercial services up and running, EELGA can help you to take the next steps along this journey, based on our experience of working with numerous other organisations and teams in the same position.

Contact our Senior Manager, Eddie Gibson, to find out more about how we can support you – call 01284 758310 or e-mail eddie.gibson@eelga.gov.uk.

Details of this year’s Commercialisation Masterclass, which is taking place on Friday 23rd November at the Granta Centre in Cambridge, are on our web-site: 

Numbers are limited so register now to guarantee your place.

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