Eliminating Consumer Single-Use Plastic (CSUP)

8th May 2019

Following widespread media and public attention on the issue over the last couple of years, a voluntary scheme has been rolled out across all central government departments and their tier 1 FM suppliers over the last year, which aims to eliminate Consumer Single Use Plastic (CSUP) from government estate offices by 2020.

Departments have now reported on the first 6-month phase of the scheme and the interim report provides many instances of good practice from central government departments and their suppliers. 

For example, of the 22 departments and agencies that reported their activity under the scheme at the end of Phase 1:

  • 73% had eliminated/ part-eliminated plastic cutlery and straws.
  • 55% had eliminated/part-eliminated plastic food containers and plates.
  • 50% now decant concentrated cleaning products into reusable pump-spray bottles and dilute them. This reduces waste, transport and storage costs.
  • 50% are operating a reusable cup price reduction scheme.

With many local authorities looking to introduce similar schemes into their own estates and their supply chain, the report provides useful pointers which may be followed and/or adapted to suit local needs. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Organisations may also find it useful to read the original policy instruction from July 2018 which introduced the scheme by clicking here. This also contains details of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s “BeyondPlastic” initiative at Annex A which is an excellent example of how to go about removing CSUP from your own estate.

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