East of England LGA gives evidence on London Plan Examination in Public

8th May 2019

The East of England LGA has been supporting East of England council leaders to work with partners in the South East and London to strengthen cooperation on issues of strategic significance, and develop the evidence base to underpin the economic argument for enhanced investment, through the Wider South East (WSE) partnership. Engagement on the Draft London Plan has provided an important focus for the collaboration to date.

The Association has supported member councils to engage with the Greater London Authority in preparation for the publication of the London Plan, in response to the Plan and during the course of the London Plan Examination in Public (EiP). Officers from the East of England Strategic Spatial Planning Officer Liaison Group (EE SSPOLG) have contributed to several EiP hearing sessions during January – May 2019, emphasising key points from the East of England consultation response here and recent written statements on matters covering: Duty to Cooperate, London’s housing growth; implications for the Wider South East; waste and circular economy; transport schemes and development, and monitoring of the Plan.

The Panel of Inspectors is hearing from a range of groups including local authorities, developers and the voluntary and community sector, and is expected to report over the summer. The Panel’s written report will set out its findings in relation to the EIP matters and may include recommendations relating to the content of the draft London Plan published in December 2017 or associated matters. Once the Mayor of London has considered their report, the Plan will take its statutory course through to the publication of the final Plan in early 2020.

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