Developing a Digital Planning Solution

8th November 2018

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is taking steps to meet Government’s objective to get a clearer picture of development happening on the ground using Digital Planning solutions.
Through automation, the GLA will streamline how development monitoring data flows from its 35 Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to City Hall. Currently, this process is manual and could be much more efficient. Automation will enable the collection of more detailed and accurate information at a lower cost to local authorities. It will also enable the GLA to build a public, central, and easily accessible online hub of planning application information for London.
Expected benefits go beyond cost savings and include better public engagement in the planning process, cross-border planning and joined up development monitoring within councils. MHCLG has encouraged the GLA to identify authorities beyond London who would like to come on this journey as well. The GLA will share the technical solution it creates, for free, with interested authorities.
Please contact Peter Kemp, GLA Planning Change Manager, for further discussion:
Read more about the GLA’s research into the problem, and vision for a solution.

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