Coming Soon - the East of England Local Government Marketplace

6th March 2019

Since it was launched in 2013, the East of England LGA’s “Talent Bank” has gained an enviable reputation for providing excellent value consultancy services across 5 key local government disciplines – Asset & Housing Management, Human Resources & Organisational Development, Procurement & Commissioning, Service Commercialisation and Public Service Reform.

The Associates in the Assocation's “Talent Bank”, the majority of whom are experienced local government professionals, consistently deliver successful outcomes for our members on a range of projects, everything from strategic service reviews to programme management to training and coaching. With turnover through the Talent Bank in 2018-19 up 15% on the previous financial year, this reputation for successful delivery continues to create increased demand.

One of the great benefits of the Talent Bank is that it is delivered by the sector, for the sector. If the Talent Bank is successful, then all of the Association's member authorities have a share in that success. Now we are all set to take that success to the next level with the imminent launch of the East of England Local Government Marketplace. Many of the Association's members now have trading services or wholly-owned trading companies which operate on a commercial basis by selling services to other local authorities, just like the Talent Bank. However, selling and marketing these services typically relies on personal recommendation or “word of mouth”. That’s where the Marketplace comes in.

The Marketplace will give our member authorities a web-site where they can advertise their trading services or companies to each other, putting them in touch with potential buyers from all over the East of England. For buyers, it will be a quick and easy check to see whether the service or expertise they need is available either from the Talent Bank or by purchasing it from another Association member.

It gets better. Being listed on the Marketplace is completely FREE and only available to those trading services or trading companies who are owned by or part of one of the Association's local authority members.

The Marketplace will be launched in April 2019 and we are actively recruiting for Marketplace “Partners” who wish to sell to other Association members using this exciting new service.

If you are interested in becoming a Marketplace selling Partner, then please contact either our Senior Manager, Eddie Gibson -  01284 758310 / or our Talent Bank Co-ordinator, Sebastian Reeves – 01284 758315  /

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