Coaching and Health - Maintaining Wellbeing, building Recovery

4th July 2018

As part of the East of England LGA’s and Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership’s regular coaching CPD programme, we welcomed Anthony Eldridge-Rogers in June to facilitate a session exploring coaching and health, and how to maintain wellbeing.

Anthony joined us to reflect on the success of the session describing “This group, more than most I speak to, picked up on the central themes of my work which seeks to inspire people to see the interconnectedness in the wide range of behavioural health domains. So many psychological, bio social and behavioural related challenges that services are tasked with managing can be both prevented and better dealt with if we adopt joined up thinking. Traditionally we have a bias of thinking in silos but this approach is unravelling fast mainly driven by neuroscience. Tackling issues as seemingly different as addiction to stress, to leadership performance, from a common set of healthy human principles does and will yield results.

“We started off our morning with a look at what the participants saw as one of their greatest challenges in their different roles. One point that was made many times was that the wellbeing and performance of the people delivering the services was critical in making those services effective. This is a common theme I hear over and over. What we do know is that we can and must work both sides of the street; doing what we can to keep the teams on the ground and those supporting them in the best shape we can so they can provide effective care and services.

“There is also a counter intuitive simplicity to some of the ways we think about wellbeing and helping people create it. Getting the basics right, the basics being enough sleep, good nutrition, effective stress management, and so on, yields disproportionate positive results in increasing well being over other more complex psychological interventions. Coaches can make a big difference when they integrate common health giving behaviours into general coaching practice and support people to either recover and get well or stay well.

“We talked about how taking both a recovery and wellness approach to wellbeing and placing that on an inclusive holistic footing helps us reach wellbeing goals. We also looked at how we can think about practically implementing these approaches using a couple of coaching tools we have developed over the years.

“All in all an enjoyable morning that seemed to go too fast!”

Delegates agreed, describing the session as “thought provoking”, “really insightful” and “a valuable learning experience”, from “a very articulate and engaging speaker” with “a calm, intellectual style”.

If you attended this session, and would like to offer the opportunity to run a similar session in-house to your internal pool of coaches, or your workforce, please contact

The East of England LGA offers a range of Coaching CPD sessions throughout the year, alongside coaching programmes and bespoke support, and we are always keen to hear your feedback, or areas of expertise you would like to find out more about.

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