Buurtzorg Test and Learn in West Suffolk is given the go ahead

9th March 2017

Partners are beginning the process of setting up the first Buurtzorg Test and Learn team in the East of England.  The ‘test’ will initially look to establish one team of self-managed nurses in a neighbourhood of West Suffolk. 

The Test and Learn Team in West Suffolk, which was given the go-ahead by the Health and Wellbeing Board at the end of January, will aim to ‘test’ the Buurtzorg Business Case to assess whether the outcomes seen in the Netherlands can be translated into the UK context. In doing so the Test and Learn objectives will be as follows:
• Better care for clients
• Better working environment for staff
• Financially Viable
• Positive impact on rest of the Health & Social Care System

The aim is to start close to the Buurtzorg model and adapt the approach as the Test and learn develops.  As usual you can keep up to date on progress on our website. 

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