Are you ready to take the Apprenticeship Challenge?

8th May 2019

We are really excited about the new Apprenticeship Challenge, leading to the award of East of England Local Government Apprentice of the Year which is creating quite a buzz. 

We will be launching the first event in Hertfordshire this June with a plan to expand to more county based events next year due to the high volume of enquiries. We are looking for current or recently qualified apprentices at Levels 2 or 3 to take part in a development day similar to the well-known LG Challenge but leading to a single winner, although we have already been asked if we can do something for Level 4s in the future. 

The day itself will count as part of the 20% off the job training and will provide great insight to the workings of Local Government. Participants will take part in a variety of challenges throughout the day in a safe environment alongside their peers. While apprentices need to be nominated by their manager, who will need to authorise the fee, there are no reports for the manager to write and no evidence to be collected – judging will be down to performance on the day and all participants will be gaining some valuable training. 

Places this year are limited so if you are interested, get in touch quickly and book a place. This event is attracting a great deal of attention within the region and beyond so if you have a Level 2 or 3 Apprentice who deserves recognition, get them signed up!

Further information is available at: 

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