A great CPD event: The Five Minute Coach

2nd November 2017

Around 30 adventurous coaches joined us for our CPD event in September which featured the Five-Minute Coach, presented by Lynne Cooper (Change Perspectives).  Originally created as a coaching tool for managers to improve engagement and performance, the Five-Minute Coach coaches have embraced this coaching technique due to its power to help people identify new thinking and overcome barriers to success very quickly.

Coaches from both the East of England LGA Regional Coaching Pool and the Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership came together to share their learning and continuous development as coaches.

It was an action-packed morning as Lynne took us through some key parts of the Five-Minute Coach model, including identifying a goal or outcome, and exploring that outcome more and then using the really practical Five-Minute Coach action planning tool. There were many opportunities for everyone to practice using the approach, as well as discovering how useful it was to be coached in this way.

The Five-Minute Coach has its roots in Clean Language and incorporates core Clean questions – questions that keep as much as possible of the questioner’s assumptions, opinions and thoughts out of the dialogue.  Perfect for the coach aiming for a non-directive approach!  This style of coaching leads the coach to ‘get out of the way’ while the coachee starts to delve much deeper in their thinking to gain new insights and develop new thinking.

The room was full of energy and coaches pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to coach in this new way and experience how fast a coachee can identify new thinking, more possibilities and work out how to get started towards achieving their outcome.

Feedback from attendees was excellent. The coaches loved the mix of presentation and practice and enjoyed how interactive the session was.  Surprised by how much they learned in just three hours, participants were enthused by the experience and keen to start using their new-found skills and knowledge straight away!

Participants found the event to be a great networking opportunity and really appreciated coming together to work and learn. Some of the group were also able to stay on after the session to experience some valuable peer supervision of their practice, facilitated by Jo Knight, Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership.

All in all a great event full of learning, experience and coaching.  As one participant said: “It was interesting, inspiring and a different and exciting approach.”

If this session has given you the taste to learn more about the Five Minute Coach and using clean language, please get in touch with emma.moore@eelga.gov.uk as there are a variety of options to further your learning in this area.

Equally, if you missed the September CPD session and would like to know more about coaching or any of our forthcoming coaching events (including coaching for wellness, internal coaching and our annual Coaching Conference) please do get in touch with Emma Moore, East of England LGA. 

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