Meet the Apprentices - Meet Ellie Steward, West Suffolk Council

Each day during #NAW2020 we will be introducing you to inspirational apprentices and rising stars, working in Local Government in the East of England

Each day during #NAW2020 we will be introducing you to inspirational apprentices and rising stars, working in Local Government in the East of England, who blaze their own trail.

What does a typical day look like for you as an Apprentice Personal Assistant?
To me, I don’t have a typical day, there is a huge range of opportunities at the council for me, which means each day is different.

What is your favourite part about your apprenticeship?
Earning whilst I learn, receiving a free qualification and getting my foot in the door early.

What has been your biggest challenge to date and how did you overcome it?

Overcoming the stereotype of an apprentice. People tend to have an idea of what they think an apprentice is, with the assumption that they have little knowledge and skills. I have overcome this by proving them wrong through the work I do. 

What kind of support has been available to you during your apprenticeship?
I have an extremely supportive mentor who helps me when I need them and HR staff are always on hand if you have any problems or just need a chat. There are a lot of apprentice workshops which I have attended and I have received support from others who are in the same boat as me.

What skills have you gained from your apprenticeship so far?
I have been given the opportunity to shadow other departments and learn what other sectors of the Council do, this has given me transferable skills for life such as a telephone skills course and shadowing customer services.

What are your plans for your future career?
To hopefully continue within the organisation. If further opportunities for development arise I would be willing to do a higher level apprenticeship.

Do you have any advice to give someone considering an apprenticeship?
You gain a qualification through apprenticeships which can help you get a foot into the real world and will benefit you in the long run. You also learn faster and efficiently on the job, gaining life skills which you may not otherwise get from a normal job role.

How did you find out about your apprenticeship?
I searched for the area I wanted to work in and this role came up on the website.

Apprenticeships give the opportunity to look beyond traditional routes into employment and allow you to explore a diverse range of career options in local government and beyond. Our #NAW2020 feature provides just a small taster of the true value that an apprenticeship can bring, to both individuals, local authorities and the wider community in the East of England.