Meet the Apprentices - Meet Alexandrina Mihalachita, Norfolk County Council

Each day during #NAW2020 we will be introducing you to inspirational apprentices and rising stars, working in Local Government in the East of England

Each day during #NAW2020 we will be introducing you to inspirational apprentices and rising stars, working in Local Government in the East of England, who blaze their own trail.

I started my apprenticeship at Norfolk County Council in February 2019, and I can’t believe that one year has already passed. I’ve come here from Romania in July 2018, to live and learn something new. I’ve worked in a different environment, in a notary office for 4 years, dealing everyday with laws and procedures, trying to help my clients with all their cases, by following the laws and solving their issues.

However, my heart was set elsewhere; since I finished my studies and gained a master’s degree in HR, I’ve always wanted to work in HR, recruitment to be more specific, so when the chance arrived, I took it. I thought it was a good idea to start my journey with an apprenticeship to help me learn anything there is to know about human resources and gain practical work experience at the same time.

It was a real challenge for me, arriving in a new country and starting a new life and a new career, but everything is possible if you really want it and with a bit of luck. I am truly thankful to my wonderful team that offered me a huge support from the beginning and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and break my limits. I think that I am improving myself, personally and professionally every day, and looking back at how I was before starting this apprenticeship, I can see a huge change and progress.

I think that apprenticeships are a good opportunity for development. You can work and study at the same time. Even though I did my studies at the University, a few years ago, in a different county, I think that the skills that I’ve gain through this apprenticeship are more valuable and practical.

If you are thinking to start an apprenticeship, I say ‘’go for it’’. As an apprentice in local government, I really feel that I have all the support that I need, to learn and work at the same time. It’s a great opportunity in a great organisation and I’ve learned so many things since I’ve started here. I really believe that starting an apprenticeship with Norfolk County Council was one of my best decisions.

It’s amazing to have the chance to look back and see how far you come. I am happy and proud to be part from something that can make a change, ‘’a piece of a puzzle’’ as I say. I really hope to continue to grow and be a value member for my current team, as I really hope to secure a role in the organisation and contribute to Norfolk County Council’s growth.

Apprenticeships give the opportunity to look beyond traditional routes into employment and allow you to explore a diverse range of career options in local government and beyond. Our #NAW2020 feature provides just a small taster of the true value that an apprenticeship can bring, to both individuals, local authorities and the wider community in the East of England.