Get to know Stephanie Allen – Talent Bank Associate

The EELGA Talent Bank is home to a breadth of experienced professionals across many sectors. Here, Leadership Skills Facilitator and Coach, Stephanie Allen, explains how she can support your organisation.


Tell us about yourself and your specialism:
I support leaders and their people through all aspects of personal and organisational development. Also, I’m an executive coach and mentor, working with leaders in a wide variety of sectors around the world.

My role is to help leaders improve what they do through a range of options. As an accredited Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) centre, we offer all ILM leadership, management, equality, coaching and mentoring qualifications from level 3 to level 7. Additionally, we offer coaching to middle and senior leaders, and work on developmental projects supporting organisational change.

Over the last ten years, our qualifications delivery has changed from 100% workshops to around 80% one to one work. We love coaching leaders through qualifications as much as we enjoy workshops!

Tell us what you can provide potential clients as an associate on EELGA’s Talent Bank:

All qualifications are offered as one-to-one coaching, small group coaching, traditional workshops or any combinations of these. The pandemic has given us all an insight to the huge benefits video calls can offer, so I continue to successfully deliver coaching and highly interactive group sessions using this medium.

The support we provide is thorough, and we encourage delegates to send frequent, draft assignments for on-demand formative feedback. Also, we offer on-demand contact and are always keen to support our clients through their development.

And by the way, I don’t use PowerPoint! I encourage interactive discussion, debate and fun!

Tell us about any significant challenges relating to your specialism and how you can support:
The pandemic has given all organisations great opportunities!

Agile working is the new normal so I’ve enhanced my role to support and champion that. By coaching leaders, I’ve helped them create an arena of trust, empowerment and wellbeing. Therefore, their people have the tools to give their best.

Agile working isn’t just ‘working from home’; it’s a whole culture of how, where and when we work underpinned by a sound understanding of our purpose. My work with all my pre-covid clients and those who have commissioned me since March 2020, has been to consider every aspect of their leadership styles and culture. The move to virtual delivery has been a challenge for many organisations, but I’m loving the variation and ability to embrace all aspects of delivery.

Without transformation, organisations will stagnate. For transformation to be effective, leaders need to be curious, collaborative, inquisitive, empowering and constant learners. My offer gives people a safe arena where they can share their fears and practice new ideas. They can also test out difficult choices and grow as 21st century leaders.

Tell us where you have come from and what has led you to be part of EELGA’s Talent Bank:
I’m a North Londoner who moved to East Anglia and loves it!

I started as a leadership development manager in a massive blue-chip organisation and fell in love with seeing people grow. It seemed the obvious next step to create my own business and I’m still thrilled I did!

With EELGA, I’ve taken nearly one hundred senior people from the region through Leadership and Mentoring qualifications.

On a personal note, I love eating out and have a huge interest in wine – to the extent that I have a level 5 qualification in wine-tasting!


If you think Stephanie Allen’s expertise could benefit your organization, express an interest on her profile. To To see what other Associates we have available, visit the East of England Talent Bank.