Get to know Tracy Lockwood - Talent Bank Associate


Tell us about yourself:

I am a British and Canadian citizen who has lived in the UK for the past 19-years in London and the East Midlands. I originally worked in domestic violence and substance misuse sector. After moving to the UK, I worked in the social housing sector until I moved back into substance misuse clinics for PCT then Public Health. After working closely with commissioners on a rapid prescribing service, I was then seconded into a commissioning development role for PCT, which included leading on service design and development through commissioning and transformation across CCG’s and local authorities.

My expertise includes:

  • PFI contract analysis and variations
  • Service design and implementation
  • Commissioning and procurement tender development
  • Hospital and community pathway configuration
  • Research and demographic analysis
  • Clinical governance


Tell us where you have come from and what has led you to be an associate on EELGA’s Talent Bank?

Throughout my career, I have mainly worked in the health and social care sector as a practitioner and strategist in commissioning. My achievements include:

  • Leading a team to descope £140m PFI contract for 4 rehabilitation specialist care centres saving authority £13.8m
  • Developed a value for money Shared Care prescribing trial to reduce safely those on long-term OST
  • A first of its kind research and prescribing trial for substance misuse producing 60% abstinence
  • LD strategy for Unitary Authority in Southeast
  • Cabinet report development and submissions and working closely with key leaders in LA’s and across political parties

I have owned my own consultancy company since 2012 and I am keen to work in partnership with EELGA to provide further savings initiatives and value for money services within local governments and the NHS.


Which Sector/Industry do you work in?

I have had a long career working across health and social care operational and strategically for over 20 years. Originally from Northeast Canada, I had studied mental health and psychology. After moving to the UK and having a long-term passion for medicine, I studied a BSc in complementary medicine and an MSc (PGCert) in integrated health and medical research.


What are the most significant challenges relating to PFI contracts posed by Covid?

The main challenges that covid has brought on the PFI sector are the same as most services requiring ongoing reviews. This involves access to resident care plans, facilities management compliance checking in care homes and general capacity demand on care reviews carried out by practitioners. There has also been a significant demand for GP surgery contracts for medical interventions in PFI and PPP care homes. Due to demands on GP’s in the community, this has impacted on tender timelines and general interest to apply for new contracts.


How does your specialist support/expertise influence positive change and results for our members?

My skills reside not only in health and clinical operations but also in strategic development to ensure value for money on services and contracts, savings initiatives and risk assessment during the feasibility and development of large transformation programmes. I have led teams and worked closely within the finance sector, housing, treasury and DHSC leaders to ensure projects include long-term impact assessments on services and residents as well as projected demographic models leading to sustainable future services in our communities.