Health integration Series: Integrating community services through joint or co-located teams

Date: Wednesday 22 April 2015
Time: 10:30 - 16:00
Location: Duxford AirSpace Conference Centre, Cambridgeshire CB22 4QR

The first seminar in the Health Integration Series to develop knowledge and share innovation and good practice in health and social care integration.

This is the first workshop in the Health Integration Series which is part of the East of England Health Integration Network’s programme of work for 2015/16 to develop knowledge and share innovation and good practice in health and social care integration in the region and more widely.

The seminars will be underpinned by an accompanying research project, commissioned by the Network, to look at four key priority areas identified as:

  • Integrating community services through joint or co-located teams
  • Integrated approaches to rapid response and re-ablement/recovery
  • Approaches to joint strategic leadership, including governance, commissioning and financial arrangements
  • Joint procurement

The first research report and seminar will focus on integrating community services through joint or co-located teams.  The seminar will include a presentation of the final report, alongside in-depth presentations of examples from around the Region.

The Network is keen to involve representatives from partner organisations both in specific presentations, but also more widely to participate in each of the four events, so that we develop a shared approach to learning.

There are places for 3-4 representatives from relevant partner organisations from each local authority area (e.g. local authority, local CCGs, NHS or other provider organisations) to take back learning from the meeting to others in their organisation.

Event Downloads

Report: Delivering Integration Through Joint or Co-Located Community Teamsdelivering_integration_through_joint_or_co-located_community_teams_-_final.pdf875KB
Presentation: Report Summaryreport_summary_-_chris_rowland.pdf519KB
Presentation: Cambridgeshirecambridgeshire_-_charlotte_black.pdf148KB
Presentation: North Norfolknorth_norfolk_-_john_everson__becky_cooper.pdf2MB
Presentation: Lutonluton_-_maud_oleary.pdf484KB
Presentation: Hertfordshirehertfordshire_-_chris_badger.pdf1MB
Regional Resourceintegrated_care_pioneer_programme_annual_report_2014.pdf542KB
Regional Resourcelac_14_month_report_final.pdf1MB
Regional Resource100_day_mid_essex_frailty_challenge_-_gp_info_pack.pdf955KB
Regional Resourcenational_evaluation_of_the_department_of_healths_integrated_care_pilots.pdf632KB
National Resourcenational_evaluation_of_the_department_of_healths_integrated_care_pilots.pdf632KB
National Resourceintegrated_care_-_making_it_happen_jan12.pdf51KB
National Resourceone_person_one_team_one_system.pdf1MB
National Resourcethe_value_case_for_co-ordinated_health_and_social_care.pdf3MB
National Resourceintegrated_care_evidence_review.pdf1MB
National Resourcesouth_devon_and_torbay_case_study.pdf430KB
National Resourceintegrated_care_value_base_-_torbay_case_study.pdf765KB
National Resourcemdt_development.pdf716KB
National Resourceevidence_review_-_integrated_health_and_social_care.pdf227KB
National Resourcegps_and_social_workers_partners_for_better_care.pdf1MB
National Resourceco-ordinated_care_for_people_with_complex_chronic_conditions.pdf424KB
National Resourcesnext_steps_for_risk_stratification_in_the_nhs.pdf372KB
National Resourcepersonalised_care_and_support_planning_handbook.pdf461KB
National Resourcemdt_examples_of_good_practice.pdf307KB
National Resourcethe_integration_of_health_and_social_care_-_bma.pdf267KB
National Resourceimplementing-the-nhs-five-year-forward-view-kingsfund.pdf294KB
National Resourcenhs_5_year_forward_view.pdf534KB

Cancellations, substitutions and transfers

This is a FREE event. However, a £100 cancellation fee will be levied for non-attendance or for cancellations made less than 48 hours before the event date.

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