Find Out More: The East of England LGA's Cultural Awareness Hub and Talent Bank

5th December 2023
10:00 - 11:00
Virtual Event – Microsoft Teams
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This session is an opportunity to find out more about the East of England Local Government Association’s (EELGA) new Cultural Awareness Hub and Talent Bank offer.

What is The Cultural Awareness Hub?

Understanding and respecting different cultures and communities is essential to ensure all services provide personalised care

The Cultural Awareness Hub provides interactive, expert experience and sustainable education workshops which offer unique insights into different community groups. The Hub will help organisations to understand and identify barriers to services, while providing realistic and achievable solutions to ensure effective and efficient collaborative engagement is embedded with all communities

This Cultural Awareness Hub will transform knowledge and empower both participants and the communities they are supporting. Come and learn more and meet the facilitators delivering the training.

Find out more about the Cultural Awareness Hub and facilitators 

What is the EELGA Talent Bank?

The EELGA Talent Bank provides its member councils with access to expert top-tier consultancy support. In addition, all local authorities can access the Talent Bank via the public-public procurement exemption, avoiding lengthy and costly procurement processes.

We understand local authorities’ unique needs and challenges, which is why we’ve curated a team of proven specialists with extensive local government experience to support you.

Find out more about our associates and view their profiles 

Talent Bank Brochure 2023 


Download a copy of the agenda

Audience: Local authorities, including police, fire service, NHS and other partner organisations in the East of England region.

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