Coaching pool

With coaching being an increasingly strong feature of organisational strategies and change programmes, we are supporting the development of a collaborative coaching culture that helps individuals realise their potential and organisations achieve outstanding results.

Our Coaching Pool will help organisations build internal coaching capacity and enable people to access trained and experienced coaches from other local authorities and partner organisations to support performance, improvement and personal development at very low cost.

The Coaching Pool will provide:

  • Shared coaching resources across the region through a shared service, shared cost approach
  • An online coaching management tool enabling organisations to easily manage the coaching request, selection and matching process
  • Access to an extensive library of resources
  • Skills Development, CPD and Networking opportunities
  • A service managed by EELGA to support internal resource and capacity savings

How the Pool works

  • Participating organisations will identify a Coaching Champion and receive updates from us on coaching activity on behalf of the organisation
  • Participating organisations will commit to providing a certain number of trained coaches and coaching hours to the pool
  • Participating organisations will access a certain number of coaching hours to use for “coachees” in their organisation
  • Coaches and their coachees will be linked via an online coaching matching and management tool
  • Coaches will have access to coaching skills development sessions and network events through the Pool to support their CPD.
  • Coaches will have access to a wide range of resources through the online coaching matching and management tool to help their coaching relationship with their coachee
  • An annual coaching conference will provide coaches with an opportunity to access the latest coaching techniques and enhance their skills as a coach. It will also provide the opportunity to network other colleagues and get support and ideas from the peer group
  • Coaching and Supervision hours will be recorded and reported
  • Coaching will be evaluated to ensure the maintenance of ethical and professional standards and an assessment of benefits and effectiveness are both met

If you would like further information on our Coaching Pool get in touch with or 01284 758319.