Employers' Services

The East of England LGA Employers’ Service provides expert employers’ advice and support to those working on strategic human resources and organisational development issues.

Our Employers' Services aim, through a combination of fully funded and paid-for services, to promote and support good employment practice in local authorities.

At the core of the programme is a dedicated team of HR professionals who have responsibility for identifying new projects, co-ordinating existing ones and managing all of the support activities undertaken.

our priorities are to:

  • Deliver guidance and advice on strategic HR and employment issues.
  • Help our members recruit, equip and retain a workforce with the skills and behaviours which are integral to the future of the public sector.
  • Develop a coordinated approach to tackling skills shortages in priority areas.
  • Support constructive relationships with regional trade union bodies and influence national terms and conditions.

Activities in the programme fall under two broad headings:

Influencing and Negotiating

  • National Association of Regional Employers - We are part of the National Association of Regional Employers (NARE) which includes members and officers from each of the English regions, Northern Ireland and Wales.  This provides a strong national voice to influence negotiations on pay, terms and conditions.  It is also a useful platform for sharing information and collaborating with other regions.
  • Working with Trade Unions - On a regional basis, we operate through the Local Government Employers Panel and the Regional Council to work with the Trades Unions.  In this way we conduct pay consultations, offer joint guidance and resolve a variety of local disputes on issues such as equal pay, single status and terms and conditions.  We have close links with the Public Sector People Managers Association and take an active role in the regional meetings.

Our local links mean that we can act as a conduit for information on specific issues,  disseminating information about national changes to authorities, collating common concerns and working to influence appropriate changes.

Support and Advice Services

  • e-paycheck - A national online public sector pay benchmarking service which will provide participating local authorities with access to 'real time' pay benchmarking data for hundreds of common roles that exist across the sector.
  • Coaching – Our coaching programme helps organisations build internal coaching capacity and enable people to access a programme of training to support performance, improvement and personal development at very low cost.
  • Councillor Development - We provide a range of activities and initiatives to support councillors as leaders of their communities.
  • Employment Help Desk - Each member council has free access to our Employers' Helpdesk service, this provides rapid responses from expert practitioners on employment issues.  If you have a question for the help desk, you can email lucy.ashwell@eelga.gov.uk or 01284 758319.
  • Employment Research and Publications - Our work and our position within EELGA means that we are constantly horizon scanning and can quickly identify issues that may impact on employment matters within our member authorities.  We co-ordinate an annual research programme in partnership with national bodies. We undertake surveys on behalf of the Heads of HR/PPMA and Local Government Employers. We can deliver staff surveys and bespoke research.

Other support services include:

  • Direct delivery of services and support on-site at individual local authorities through the Talent Bank this includes a range of in-depth help and advice about any employment, efficiency or improvement issue.  Visit our Talent Bank page for more information.
  • Running Heads of HR networks and HR practitioner groups for HR professionals from across the East of England. These groups also act as a hub for the sharing of good practice and the identification of potential future opportunities.
  • Liaison between local authorities and national and regional partners such as the LGA and the Regional Employers organisations in the other regions
  • Support for county-level HR network groups
  • Production and circulation of a regular e-bulletins on HR and Employment Law matters

For further information on how to access these services please get in touch with lucy.ashwell@eelga.gov.uk or 01284 758319.