EELGA’s New Talent Bank Offers

The East of England LGA has enhanced and developed its support for the senior leaders of its member councils with a new Talent Bank Commercial Programme


This programme provides enhanced support in four key areas focused on helping local authorities to develop their management processes and resources to meet the challenges of the post- Covid-19 era.

Delivered by experienced EELGA associates, their strategic skills and insight will provide valuable input to all our member councils’ leaders in achieving a successful and purposeful Covid recovery.

The new programme will support Councils in these key areas:



  • Asset Management: Reviewing current assets and optimising the performance of property teams, supporting and enhancing the evaluation of town centres and the re-generation of the high street. Read EELGA’s Asset Management offer here.


  • Organisational Development: Providing councils with a holistic view of their organisations, looking at the development and change of culture, values and behaviours needed to cope in the post-Covid world. This programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of each council and the outcomes they desire. Read EELGA’s Organisational Development offer here.


  • Digital Transformation: Focusing on the utilisation of available and emerging technologies to create a practical and adaptable IT strategy, designed to ensure that councils can successfully deliver vital public services. Read EELGA’s Digital Transformation offer here.


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