Covid-19: Boosting Morale and Wellbeing for Employees

A recent People Management and CIPD survey [March 2020] has found that employee anxiety about Covid-19 is HR’s biggest challenge.


The latest survey, which polled more than 300 employers, found two-thirds (67 per cent) of respondents cited supporting people’s mental health and wellbeing as their organisation’s main challenge currently. This was four percentage points higher than earlier this month, with this remaining businesses’ largest concern.

Staying at home more than usual may mean employees are finding it increasingly difficult to take care of their mental health and wellbeing. Whether working from home or working in a key worker front line role, juggling childcare, caring for a loved one, or volunteering in your local community, each brings their own challenges during times of uncertainty.

But there are lots of things you can signpost to that could help support employees mental health and wellbeing. Communicate about any internal support services you have available such as Employee Assistance Programmes, or internal initiatives you might be running to boost morale and keep your organisations culture alive, while many employees might find themselves working in new environments.

We are fortunate to live in an online world where many resources are accessible to all thanks to the internet, and particularly at this time, lots of local businesses are have free online offerings of support. It has become easier to connect with people virtually through ‘teams’, ‘Yammer’, ‘Zoom’, and other technology.

Here is an example of some external national online resources, that you may find useful to signpost your employees too, or even take a look at for yourself (your team will be influenced by your approach to your own wellbeing):


Learning is also a great way to boost wellbeing, and some employees may want to take time to think about their development or refreshing their skills whilst working from home – if you have online learning resources internally promote them.

Wellbeing support will be needed both during and after the Covid-19 crisis. Regular communication and promotion of existing wellbeing support can encourage employees to practice self-care, including healthy routines for diet, sleep, and relaxation outside of work.

If you have any further recommendations for accessible wellbeing support, email who will be sharing ideas through EELGA’s Heads of HR Chatter group.