Apprenticeships - are they still a best kept secret?

What does this logo mean to you? Is your council already signed up to the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network? We spoke to Karen Kelly, Regional Co-ordinator of the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network to find out more:

“If I had a pound for every time in the past 10 years that an employer has told me that the Government should bring back apprenticeships, or that apprenticeships are only for ‘not very bright’ school leavers, or a 21 year old apprentice who fell into the role by accident tells me that no-one ever mentioned apprenticeships to them at school, I’d have a full piggy bank and not have done as much silent screaming!

“Many of you as HR, L & D and early careers professionals will be fully aware of how apprenticeships have moved on and the multiple benefits to business and individuals.  But did you know that there is a regional network of voluntary apprenticeship ambassadors in the East of England?  The AAN is one of nine similar regional networks (supported by DfE) with both employer and apprentice/ex-apprentice members. Ambassadors are tasked with sharing their stories and lived experiences with apprenticeships with others. For example, employers promote apprenticeships and dispel myths, through their own supply chains, sector groups, local contacts, etc. Our fabulous apprentice ambassadors (now all ages), share their stories through sessions with schools and colleges, careers fairs, via social media and so on.

“We already have a number of local authority ambassadors but would be very happy to have more of you join us or link with us.  We meet virtually as a network every two months, and annually face to face at a regional conference with email updates when relevant. Through this contact, we share news, resources and information from DfE and other members, good practice and areas that members are finding challenging.

“6th to 12th February 2023 is National Apprenticeship Week and one of the biggest dates in the calendar for us.  We will be sharing lots of insights from members, new apprentice videos from the recent apprentice award winners and more. Give us a follow on LinkedIn and you can find more about National Apprenticeship Week 2023 here with resources, ideas and more.

Should you be on the apprenticeship map?

Here are the companies currently involved in the AAN: ambassador map – should you be on the map?  If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the AAN for yourself or apprentices in your team, drop Karen a note: