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Gosia Strona

Gosia Strona

Senior Manager

t: 01284 758324

Gosia coordinates the work of the East of England Strategic Migration Partnership. Together with her team she provides networking opportunities, training and information for local authorities, voluntary organisations and businesses to support them in their work with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. She also manages the CMF-funded Parallel Lives project, which aims to map Roma communities in the East of England and to provide training to partners in order to facilitate engagement with this group of migrants.

Before joining the SMP in 2008, Gosia worked in community development at a local authority and taught English to foreign students at various schools and universities, both in the UK and abroad.

In her spare time she explores local footpaths with her Border Collie cross, volunteers with the Red Cross as an event first aider and tries to memorise the 103 figures of the tai chi form (with limited success).

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