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Geoff Archer

Geoff Archer

European Policy Officer

t: +32 2 289 1200

Geoff is responsible for economic development, innovation and transport policy at the European Partnership’s Brussels office.

 He gained a Masters degree from the London School of Economics following on from undergraduate studies at the University of Leeds. Having first worked in London for several environmental and climate change NGOs he then spent time working in a London-based think tank concentrating on the interaction between climate change, innovation and business growth policies. Following this he completed a traineeship at the specialist Scientific Foresight Unit in the European Parliament before joining the East of England office in September 2015.

 Geoff is continuously seeking to improve his French language skills (and subsequent entertainment of the local Francophonie) and in any remaining spare time likes to go hiking, reading, playing softball, Brussels cinema-going and trying his hand at creative writing.

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