The East of England LGA is a politically-led, cross party organisation which works on behalf of the 50 local councils in the East of England to support them "to be the best that they can be for their communities”

We aspire to be:

  • A provider of innovative solutions to partners; delivering projects and services around key issues such as integration, commercialisation and organisational review.
  • A highly respected and influential advocate for our members; promoting their leadership of their locality, as well as fighting for them to get the resources, powers and freedoms necessary to perform that role successfully.
  • A catalyst for collaborative working; bringing together groups of councils to harness their collective strength and knowledge.
  • An invaluable resource of specialist expertise and capacity; providing advice and support to councils on key issues.

The way we work is supported by the following set of principles:

  • We are a cross-party, politically led organisation with our members at the heart of decision making and development.
  • We harness the expertise, experience and resources of our member councils.
  • We seek new opportunities for extending and strengthening the influence of councils to shape national policy.
  • We act as an advocate for our member councils to ensure that they are recognised for their role and work.
  • We work in partnership with the national Local Government Association and seek mutually to reinforce our respective work on local government’s overall behalf.
  • As one of the nine regional employers' organisations, we provide a strong regional voice to influence negotiations on pay, workforce issues and terms and conditions.
  • We recognise the different spatial levels that councils operate at, individually, at county and LEP level and regionally, for different objectives and purposes.
  • We work across the public sector to support integrated working and the development of new and better ways of working to meet current and future challenges to service delivery.
  • We deliver effective activities that offer good value for money.

The East of England LGA is a voluntary body funded by subscription.  The 50 local councils in the East of England are all members of East of England LGA.  The organisation is governed by the Leader or elected Mayor of each of the 50 councils in the region.  The full assembly of the 50 leaders meets twice a year.  This is a forum for discussion on common issues, but importantly provides a platform for all leaders to meet and hear from Ministers and other policy makers on key issues.  Day to day management is provided by a Management Committee made up of:

  • Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council (Chairman of the East of England LGA and Conservative Group Leader)
  • Cllr Linda Haysey, Leader of East Herts Council (Vice-Chairman of the East of England LGA)
  • Mayor Dave Hodgson, Bedford Borough Council (Liberal Democrat Group Leader)
  • Cllr Alan Waters, Leader of Norwich City Council
  • Cllr John Holdich, Leader of Peterborough City Council

A smaller Leader’s group and Chief Executive’s group come together quarterly to bring together the county and unitary councils plus one representative from each district area to tackle the strategic issues facing councils across the East of England. These groups are supported by member and officer groups who come together to share experience and work collaboratively by thematic area. 

The organisation is staffed by a small core of highly experienced and committed officers. Additionally, member councils can draw upon specialist expertise from the existing associate pool of high quality associates in the East of England LGA Talent Bank.

  • Pearl Rees

    Pearl Rees

    Programme and Project Management

    A proven project and programme manager with strong decision-making ability, a strategic focus and a successful track record of delivering major change programmes in demanding environments including; the design and delivery of efficiency-driven business transformation programmes, public service reform, performance improvement, technology/digitally-enabled change and shared services programmes.

    Track record of engaging, coaching and managing stakeholders at all levels.

  • Gilli Galloway

    Gilli Galloway

    Multi Disciplined Business Development and Review

    Gilli Galloway is a professionally qualified Chartered Manager and an experienced senior manager with a proven record of working with the public sector. Gilli has extensive experience working on mutuals, shared services, trading accounts and exploring Joint Ventures, Alternative Business Structures and stand-alone companies.  Gilli is an accomplished change and project manager and has worked with Probation, Children’s Services, Adult Social Care, Legal Services, Building Control, Leisure Services, Democratic Services, Procurement, Corporate and Executive teams.

  • Milee Brambleby

    Milee Brambleby

    Conflict Resolution Training and Mediations

    Milee supports organisations to deal with conflict in a positive and constructive way offering individual and team mediation as well as conflict management skills workshops.

    Milee has a wealth of experience as an operational manager and a leader of strategic change in the public sector and in both charitable and commercial enterprises. Her expertise in conflict resolution is born out of the necessity to maintain relationships and keep the company moving forward during the most challenging of times.

    Milee is also an experienced community mediator and in October 2016 was Highly Commended in the category “Community Mediator of the year” at the National Mediation Awards.







  • Jane Hunt

    Jane Hunt

    Operational management/operational redesign and capital programme management

    Jane has extensive leadership experience in the public sector where her work at the Environment Agency included successfully developing strategy and delivering major projects and programmes across a wide range of disciplines. This encompassed successful stakeholder and staff engagement across engineering, environment, sustainability and business management arenas. Her work in the private sector and with social enterprises has also demonstrated her abilities to assess performance, appraise options, lead and motivate teams and design and deliver change. Jane likes to tackle varied challenges, identify opportunities and bring about change in a supportive and collaborative way, and strongly believes in coaching others to achieve sustained benefits.

  • Jane Cox

    Jane Cox

    Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor and Mentor

    Jane has many years’ experience of working within organisations as a Change Consultant, Coach and Coach Mentor. She has been instrumental in designing and delivering a suite of coaching programmes for EELGA and continues to support them as coach and supervisor. She uses an integrative, strengths based approach in her coaching and believes that with the right support and challenge, anyone can develop their ability to have healthy ‘coaching’ conversations at work and that this is a fundamental of good leadership.