‘The Life of a Coach’ at Watford Borough Council

19th January 2017

The East of England Regional Coaching Pool is committed to maintaining and promoting excellent practice in coaching, adhering to the elements and principles of the EMCC Global Code of Ethics. Alongside the quarterly continuous professional development (CPD) sessions hosted by the East of England LGA, there are a number of local CPD networks across our geographical region, hosted by our subscribing authorities.

At the end of 2016, Watford Borough Council hosted a coaching networking event which was attended by their internal coaches and colleagues across Hertfordshire, including Dacorum Borough Council, St Albans District Council and Three Rivers District Council. The aim of the event was to explore how to develop a coaching culture and drive best practice.

Several common themes emerged including the need for coaching conversations (formal and informal conversations) to positively influence the way we interact with colleagues, help challenge others to explore new ideas and support staff resilience. It is also important for organisations to embed a coaching culture, the process needs to be kept simple to ensure coaching is accessible to all staff at all levels, as well as the need for standard coaching agreements and supporting coaches to manage coachee expectations.

Since the event a number of positive steps have been put into practice at Watford Borough Council, including:

  • Café style coaching conversations are becoming a natural management approach for coaches and managers, not just being limited to staff 1-2-1’s and PDR’s
  • Coaching is being promoted to senior managers
  • Practical coaching techniques are being explored as part of the council’s ‘Step up’ programmes
  • The launch of a template ‘Coaching Agreement’ to ensure consistent coaching standards are being maintained across the Council.

Regular reflection on coaching practice and developing coaching competence by participating in relevant and appropriate CPD is an important element of the coaching profession and the East of England Regional Coaching Pool continues to develop a range of CPD activities and workshops for Coaches, Managers and Leaders. We are currently planning our CPD programme for 2017-18, so please regularly check the events page of our website for more details. 

For queries regarding the Regional Coaching Pool, or if you are looking to develop a coaching culture in your own Authority and would like to know more about what is already happening around the Region, please contact Emma Moore emma.moore@eelga.gov.uk

For more information about the Watford Network, or if you would be interested in facilitating a future workshop at Watford, please contact Ajay Kashyap ajay.kashyap@watford.gov.uk or Sherrie Ralton sherrie.ralton@watford.gov.uk.


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