East of England LGA Contract Management Courses endorsed by the IACCM

23rd January 2017

The Procurement Services area of the East of England LGA’s “Talent Bank” was given a huge boost recently with the news that both its Intermediate and Advanced Contract and Relationship Management (C&RM) courses have been officially endorsed by the International Association of Commercial and Contract Management (IACCM).

The IACCM enables organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills and has members who represent more than 90% of the Fortune Global 500 – the top 500 organizations in the world measured by revenue.

The IACCM has recognized that the courses offered by EELGA train candidates to a level equivalent to their own “Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management”. This allows candidates who complete the EELGA course to then apply for full membership of the IACCM and to continue on their professional development journey with further IACCM courses if they so wish.

Upon confirming the endorsement, Sally Hughes, Chief Operating Officer at IACCM, said “I am thrilled that you have this accreditation. EELGA and SPS have been leaders within local government at promoting the importance of good contract and relationship management and are continuing to break new ground in the sector.”

The courses offered to our authorities by EELGA have been developed and refined over a number of years working with our preferred training partner, SPS Consultancy Services (now part of the Blue Marble Group of Companies) and delivered by our key Associate colleague, Ken Cole.

Eddie Gibson, the Senior Manager at EELGA who leads on the Procurement Services area, was delighted to receive the IACCM endorsement – “In recent years, we have made a conscious effort to move our skills and knowledge transfer programme to focus it on the much-neglected area of Contract and Relationship Management. The IACCM endorsement is a vindication of that focus and I only wish we could offer it retrospectively to the 300 or so officers that have already been through one of our C&RM programmes over the last 2 years”.

With recent global IACCM research identifying that an average of 9.2% of contract value is lost over the life of a contract, there has never been a better time to invest in developing your Contract and Relationship Management capability as one of the tools to help you meet the financial challenges facing local authorities in the years ahead.

The courses themselves are now supplemented by a Commercial Contracting Challenge process, following successful pilots with the district councils in Brentwood, Watford and Three Rivers.

Developed by Ken Cole, the Challenge process allows a Council to self-assess how prepared it is to manage its important contracts and associated relationships, measured against a wide range of success factors or ‘Business Value Codes’ (BVCs). The Council then sets its own future aspirations for each BVC based upon what it think good looks like, using our web-based contract diagnostic. The Challenge process and accompanying Diagnostic toolkit can be fully customised for an individual authority at very short notice and low cost. In Ken’s own words:

The Challenge is a prerequisite to getting a Council to where it can tackle all aspects of contract and relationship management from specification development to contract discharge effectively and consistently.”

For more information about EELGA’s C&RM Programmes, the Commercial Contracting Challenge or any other aspect of the Procurement Services support available through our Talent Bank, then please contact Eddie Gibson on  01284 758310 / 07500 769740 or eddie.gibson@eelga.gov.uk


IACCM is a not for profit association active in over 160 countries.  It is dedicated to raising individual, organizational and institutional capabilities in contracting and commercial management, providing research, benchmarking, learning, certification and advisory services to a worldwide, cross-industry audience of practitioners, executives and government.

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