SMP - Migrant Worker Steering Group

Contact Name: Gosia Strona
Job Title: Senior Policy Officer
Telephone: 01284 758324

Migrant Worker Steering Group (MWSG) leads on migrant worker issues within the Strategic Migration Partnership, and provides strategic leadership for interagency co-operation in addressing issues facing migrant workers, existing communities and businesses and the region as a whole. It has developed two distinct sub-groups to address the particular needs of migrants regarding housing and health.

The Migrant Worker Steering Group's terms of reference are available here.

Previous Meetings

Venue Start Date/Time End Date/Time
West Sufflk House, Bury St Edmunds 22/03/2016 13:30:00 22/03/2016 15:00:00
West Suffolk House, Bury St Emdunds 14/06/2016 13:30:00 14/06/2016 15:00:00
West Suffolk House, Bury St Edmunds 13/09/2016 13:30:00 13/09/2016 15:00:00
West Suffolk House, Bury St Edmunds 06/12/2016 13:30:00 06/12/2016 15:00:00