The impact of homeless household movement out of London

In early 2015 the East of England LGA brought together affected councils to look at the issues and the impact of the movement of homeless households out of London, and to encourage greater communication between London and the affected councils.  The agenda was founded on research which preceded the meeting into the level and impact of placements out of London.   The survey identified that the majority of those affected by households being placed in their areas were those which neighboured London.  

Since this meeting the topic has become of increasing interest, and it was timely to revisit the agenda.  On 29 January four of the neighbouring London Boroughs and six of the affected East of England councils came together to re-open the dialogue, clarify what is actually happening on the ground vs the myths, and to look at how greater cooperation could mitigate the impact. 

A programme to mitigate the impact is now being delivered in partnership with the affected councils and the London Boroughs to:

  • Improve communications and relationships
  • Share Practice
  • Address policy challenges

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