East of England Annual Finance Summit

Date: Thursday 15 June 2017
Time: 10:00 - 15:15
Location: Girton College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0JG
Event Fee:Base Price - FREE

The event is being sponsored by Barclays


We all know that local authorities in the East of England and across the country have been grappling with large cuts to their budgets and an increasingly volatile economic landscape. The fast pace of change to the way in which local authorities are financed and manage their resources, mean that many more challenges and opportunities will be present in the coming years. 

Issues such as the impact of emerging devolution deals, a new system for Business Rates Retention, and the proposals contained within the Housing White Paper, as well as the increasing fears around the future affordability of social care are just the tip of the iceberg for councils that are already struggling to make ends meet. In the face of these challenges, both officers and elected members across the East of England are increasingly innovative and creative in their approaches. For example, managing demand, creating opportunities for income generation and digital solutions provide significant opportunities for councils to maximise their efficiency and improve services for local residents. 
At this summit we will explore how councils have so-far faced the challenge of reduced funds and will hear from specialists on good practice examples, as well as what more councils can do to become pioneers in an ever changing world. 

Audience: The summit is for Senior Finance Officers and Elected Members in the East of England.

If you have any queries please contact Cinar Altun, Policy and Secretariat Manager, East of England LGA email cinar.altun@eelga.gov.uk

Event Downloads

The Future of Local Government Finance (Norwich City Council) cllr_alan_waters_ppt.pdf2MB
A Battle of Wills Between Local and Central Government (CIPFA)cliff_dalton_ppt.pdf1MB
How to Build Commercial Expertise into Local Government (Crown Commercial Services) sam_rowbury_ppt.pdf542KB
Councils Go Global - International Trading Partners (Essex County Council) cllr_stephen_canning_ppt.pdf470KB
CASE STUDY Session 1: PHILIS (Port Health Interactive Live Information System) Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authorityrichard_jacobs_ppt.pdf1MB
CASE STUDY Session 1: Pan Essex Compliance and Counter Fraud Scheme (Vigilant Applications)andy_craig_and_tom_medhust_ppt.pdf2MB
CASE STUDY Session 2: Maximising Revenue Opportunities (East Hampshire District Council) chris_bradley_ppt.pdf424KB
CASE STUDY Session 2: Social Impact Bonds - Pros and Cons? (Norfolk County Council) eliska_cheeseman_and_alison_thomas_ppt.pdf338KB
CASE STUDY Session 2: Accounting for Cloud (E-ssential Resources) john_thornton_ppt.pdf1MB

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