Coaching in the Workplace - Cohort Eleven

Date: Wednesday 15 February 2017
Time: 09:30 - 17:00
Location: South Cambridgeshire District Council, South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6EA
Event Fee:Cost per delegate - £865.00 (Ex VAT)

The programme has been designed in collaboration with the East of England Local Government Association and Endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management. The sessions will be hosted by South Cambridgeshire District Council, who would like to open up the invitation to this course to delegates from other Cambridgeshire Authorities and partner organisations.   

Aims and Objectives

To provide the opportunity for practising People Managers and Leaders to develop in their role or develop a role as an Internal Workplace Coach by acquiring the basic Skills of Coaching and exploring how to use these skills within the context of their own organisation.

Course Leader

The course leader is Carole Elliott, an accredited Executive Coach with many years’ experience of coaching and developing leaders and managers in business. Additional approved facilitators may be involved in delivery of the programme as necessary.

Coaching Journal

You will be given a notebook which you are encouraged to use for your own reflections on your learning and coaching experiences.  As part of the final accreditation process you are required to write up a Coaching Case Study, so it may also help you to keep a record of each coaching session, from the initial identification of the individual’s coaching need through to the final coaching session. This record should include:

  • A brief plan of the coaching session (what knowledge and skills are planned to be developed)
  • A summary of the coaching activity (what knowledge and skills were actually covered)
  • Reflections on the effectiveness of the session and what might have been done differently, or better, what worked well, etc.
  • Any feedback from the person being coached
  • Thoughts that may  have been developed in supervision


The Course will include an accreditation process which, if successful, will qualify you for an ILM Endorsed Award for Coaching in the Workplace

The accreditation process will involve successful completion of the following:

  • Participation in all Facilitated Learning Workshop Sessions
  • Completion of at least 12 hours Coaching (in addition to the workshops)
  • Submission of a Coaching Case Study (2,000 words)
  • An Observed & Assessed Practical Coaching Session


The course is scheduled to run over 4 days and will offer participants plenty of opportunity to share and learn as well as to practise their coaching skills in a safe and confidential environment. Participants are encouraged to devote additional time to developing their skills through action learning, reflection and practical implementation both during the course and beyond. Coaching supervision is encouraged as an ongoing support mechanism for all practising coaches.

Session 1: 15 February 2017 (09.30 – 5.00) 

Coaching in Context

  • Introductions and agreeing the agenda
  • Review of experience to date
  • Leadership and the role of coaching 
  • Developing Coaching Skills using CLEAR framework
  • Practice using the CLEAR framework
  • Feedback and Review

Session 2: 15 March 2017 (09.30 – 5.00)

What works for whom?

  • Introduction to day, shared reflection of learning since session 1 including group supervision
  • Building the Coaching relationship
  • Confidentiality, contracts and boundaries
  • Understanding yourself and getting into another’s frame of reference
  • Feeding back to develop awareness
  • Reframing perspectives
  • Planning a coaching assignment
  • Feedback & Review

Session 3: 25 April 2017 (09.30 – 5.00)

Coaching with the System in mind

  • Introduction to day, shared reflection of learning since session 2 including group supervision
  • Coaching in your organisation
  • Repeating patterns of behaviour
  • Working with limiting beliefs
  • Communication and the games people play
  • Feedback & Review

Participants required to submit Written Case Study (minimum 2000 words) by last workshop date

Session 4: 04 July 2017 (09.30 – 5.00)

Live Coaching Assessment

  • Introduction to day, shared reflection of learning since session 3 including group supervision
  • Quick fire coaching
  • Live Co - Coaching Assessment and feedback
  • Next Steps


Workshops are limited to 10 participants and will be allocated via South Cambridgeshire District Council on a first come first serve basis to fill the remaining spaces available. A cohort of 10 delegates from more than one organisation will ensure a rich and diverse learning experience for all.

Please note: When booking a place please make sure you can attend all 4 sessions.

If you have any queries please contact Emma Moore, East of England LGA  

Event Directions

Cancellations, substitutions and transfers

The appropriate cancellation charge will apply based on the cost of your booking, as shown below.

Calendar days notice before the start date of the course Refund applicable
30 calendar days or more

Full refund


Between 15 and 29 calendar days (inclusive)

50% refund


Between 1 and 14 calendar days (inclusive)

No refund will be given


Failure to attend Treated as late cancellation and no refund given

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